DSE Contracting Inc. specializes in shotcrete placement in swimming pools and skateboard parks. We have been in business since 1996 and have placed shotcrete in over 2,000 pools each year for many of Arizona’s major pool builders. Skateboard parks are usually contracted through general contractors for cities and municipalities.

DSE’s crews are professional craftsmen with years of experience in their respective trades. We pride ourselves in professional services and customer satisfaction. Our pools are shot to customer specifications usually with 6 inch walls and fiber mesh standard design is used and is pnuematically placed with large concrete pumps to create approximately 4000 psi product. The standard warranty is two years for product and workmanship.


How much dirt comes out of the average pool?

About 80 to 100 cubic yards.

How many trips does the skidsteer make from the pool out to the truck on the street?

The smallest skidsteer will probably make over 400 trips while the largest skidsteer will make about 100 trips for the average pool.

What happens to my landscaping and sprinkler system?

All excavation equipment is very heavy and tends to do some damage to whatever is in the access.

How long will the excavation process take?

This depends on the access and size of tractor being used and the type of soil. Usually about half a day to 2 days.

Why does grass in the pool area cost extra?

Grass is a non-compactable fill material considered to be trash which is unusable by anyone wanted dirt fill. Therefore it must be hauled to a landfill and dumped at a cost of about $30 per ton plus trucking costs.
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