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About DSE Contracting Inc.

DSE Contracting Inc. provides the finest services for the excavation and shotcrete phases of your swimming pool project. You can expect only the highest level of quality construction and customer service.

We also do demolition of  old out dated  swimming pools. We are happy to provide free estimates for all our services.

Explore the links on this site and learn more about DSE's different divisions; Excavation and Shotcrete.

Call DSE Contracting Inc. today and discover for yourself why we have earned the reputation as one of the finest pool construction companies in the business. Don't trust your next pool project to anyone, trust the experts at DSE Contracting Inc.



About 80 to 100 cubic yards.

This depends on the access and size of tractor being used and the type of soil. Usually about half a day to 2 days.

All excavation equipment is very heavy and tends to do some damage to whatever is in the access.

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